Men with machines

Automation will take away jobs…

Robots will replace humans…

There will be no place for blue collars….evolution-of-man-cartoon-598x240

These are just few considerations that emerge when people talk about industrial innovation. The World Economic Forum of this year has already presented the future of the labour in the next five years, many jobs look set to disappear, and unfortunately, in the short term, not as many new jobs will be created.

What seems to be complicated is the adaptation of workers’ skills to a  world in constant and rapid evolution. In 2020 Problem Solving will be one of the most sought-after skills, but even critical thinking and creativity are becoming more and more important.

The collaboration between man and machines, however, seems to be possible.  A century after its first revolution, Ford introduces a new approach to work: a factory where workers and robots (called Co-Robots) work side by site. Human skills combined with the precision of the machines give rise to  a winning productive recipe, able to emphasize the strengths of the two working tools.

The industrial automation role is to find new ways of improving businesses in was that often were not even took in consideration.